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A party style strategy game that mixes turned based and realtime mechanics.

Aiming for 4 player local multiplayer (5 on WiiU) and 16 online.
You can decide to Co-operate or battle eachother.

Play time:
The multiplayer sessions will be about 20min long. There will be a longer campange that is about 2-5hours.

Xbox360, WiiU and maybe Playstation3


Early access:
You can download the beta for Windows here.
It requires XNA4 and a Xbox controller.
There are no graphical options, this is just a quick port, the final game wont be on PC. Hiding the window during gameplay may cause the graphic buffer to crash (the minimap icons wont show), only way to restore it is to restart the game.
I would love to hear your reactions to the game!

Development video 2

Development video 1

Screen Shots

I started working on the game to ventilate my frustration from playing Total War Rome2 online. I got great reactions to my randomized maps, which convinced me to keep working on it.